Monday, July 6, 2009

Texan Holiday

We made it out to the beach again with Ross, Nicole, Olivia & Amaris over the long weekend. Not quite a Roman Holiday a la Audrey Hepburn, but we did the best we could Texas-style and I think everyone had a wonderful time!
We got to the beach quite a bit earlier this time, so there was much more time to play and explore. We brought food and drinks and had a nice, light dinner out there. Anna didn't really want to stop to eat because she was far too busy having fun, but she did go wild over the strawberries, watermelon & freshly-squeezed, really yummy lemonade that Ross & Nicole brought (although there does seem to be a bit of a debate over who actually MADE the lemonade. Haha!).

Anna did a whole lot of not listening to us (which I can kind of understand as she was in complete sensory overload), but I was hoarse the next day from running after her calling her name, so we're going to need to work on that for the future. Luckily, she didn't do anything dangerous and instead spent the day. . .
playing in the water,

digging in the sand,

looking for "rocks" (ie. shells),

and "flying", among other things.

Here's a family pic that Nicole snapped for us as the sun was starting to set. (Thanks Nicole!) Anna somewhat cooperated here because I told her that if she wanted to go swim she needed to smile for the camera. And she really wanted to swim out to the sand bar with her daddy. So nice now that my bribery attempts succeed at least some of the time!

I have so many more pictures from that day to wade through (Haha! Get it? Wade?! Okay, maybe not.), but I wanted to get a few up now. Hopefully, I'll get to it later in the week.
I hope everyone had a fun & safe 4th, and that getting back to the grind wasn't too painful today!


  1. Oh the beach... wish we were close to one! But, I think Dylan would not like the sand in his feet... Glad to hear you all had a great 4th of July. Oh yeah, the swim lessons. It was hard getting Dylan to the point of not crying. But, we stuck with our guns and kept with it, which was hard because he didn't like it in the beginning. With each lesson, he cried less and at the last lesson he didn't cry at all and was having so much fun jumping in (aka showing off). In the end, it was totally worth it!

  2. Goodness, Anna looks like you in these pictures. It's like she switches from looking like daddy to looking like mommy depending on the situation. :P


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