Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Man in the Red Suit

We've turned an exciting corner with Anna this Christmas! For the first time, she truly understands the whole Santa Claus thing. So for the first time ever, she was super-enthusiastic about seeing the real guy and telling him all about what she would love to see under her tree on Christmas morning.

I have to admit that I was cautiously optimistic as we headed to the mall this afternoon, because Anna talked a big talk last year, then screamed her head off after getting just one glimpse of St. Nick. And even as we arrived today and got a look at the crowds, Anna looked over at me and said, "Maybe later". So we did some shopping, and I honestly wasn't sure if we would be going back.

But she did ask to go back. And her excitement this time was unwavering. Even after waiting in the dreaded long line that does not move, she still could not wait to get her turn with the man in the red suit. . .

Even as I put her on his lap, I was still half-expecting her to change her mind, but it never happened. She just sat and smiled for the camera like she was with a familiar friend, then rattled off her ever-changing list.

It's so amazing seeing the stars in her eyes. Makes the season all new and sparkly for me, too.

So thanks Anna...just one more way you're making my world a better place.

Love, Mommy

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