Monday, July 13, 2009

New Family Member

Anna took a trip to PetSmart with her daddy this weekend to buy food for Bailey, and somehow they got to looking at the birds and fish. I'm really not sure whose idea it was, but she came home very excited about the prospect of getting a fish to call her own.

Because I'm not a pushover AT ALL, Sunday after church we made our way back to PetSmart, and came home with this little guy...

My friends, meet Me-mo! Yes, It's Me-mo, not to be confused with this cute little guy, Nemo. Anna has loved "Finding Nemo" ever since her twin friends Brook and Allison at school lent it to us for a weekend, but she just can't seem to say "Nemo", so Me-mo it is! Besides, the fish deserves his own name...who wants to live in the shadow of the great Nemo?

She loves looking at her Me-mo. She'll just stare at him and tell me with the utmost sincerity, "Mommy, I love him!" This makes it so worth the fact that we bought a $3.99 betta fish, and still managed to spend 50 bucks at the pet store on all of his lovely accessories.

She loves to hug her Me-mo, too. I put him on a lower table for these pictures, but thankfully for sweet little Me-mo, his permanent home is out of her reach. We keep having to explain to her why she can't hold him, and every time it's very upsetting. lol.

Here she is giving Me-mo a kiss. She wanted to do this again this morning as we were leaving for work/school, but I talked her into just blowing him a kiss instead.

Me-mo, you are very loved by the little girl that I love most! Lucky fish!

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  1. "Me-mo" is a favorite in our house, too (and said the same). Dylan has a "Me-mo tup" (Nemo cup) from the Disney store... Good luck with the real thing; it sounds like it's been a hit with Anna!


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