Saturday, June 28, 2008

Safe and Sound

I recently came across the song "Safe and Sound" by Matthew West. It was so perfect that I decided to make a video with the newborn pictures I did of our Goddaughter Olivia Grace. Enjoy :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Her Lips are NOT Sealed

Despite the fact that Anna is still very attached to her pacifier, it has certainly not delayed her speech any. (I'm sure she largely has her daddy to thank for that!)

Things Anna has said recently that have surprised and delighted us:

  1. "Tay-Too" - Translation: Thank You
  2. "Ny-Ny" - Translation: Night Night
  3. "Hao? Hao?" (With the phone up to her ear) - Translation: Hello? Hello?
  4. "Eh-Mo" - Translation: Elmo! Who Else?!

Kelly's Kids Fall 2008

For those of you that do not know, I have decided to become a rep for Kelly's Kids for the Fall 2008 season! I bought several Kelly's Kids outfits for Anna from the Spring line last season. It was my first encounter with Kelly's Kids and not only did I fall in love with the style, but I was also very impressed with the quality of the clothing. I'm very excited about becoming a part of it all and sharing it with all of you!

For those of you that have not heard of Kelly's Kids, it's a line of children's clothing that is very classic, fun and high quality, and it's sold mostly through trunk shows. You can see a little preview of the Fall 2008 season HERE.

Keep in mind that it's just a small sample! There will be lots of really cute options for those of you looking for the perfect Christmas outfit for the special kid(s) in your life as well!

In anticipation of the start of the Kelly's Kids Fall Season in July, I'm looking for people who are interested in hosting a trunk show or catalog party. There are lots of benefits to being a hostess for Kelly's Kids including FREE CLOTHES! What a great way to save money on adorable children's clothing while spending time with your girlfriends!

Please let me know if you (or anyone else you know!) are interested so that we can discuss the details. Of course, if you're not interested in being a hostess but are interested in attending a trunk show or buying clothes, I'm more than happy to help with that as well!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Squeaky Shoes

Some people talk just to hear their own voice. Thanks to her new Mooshu Trainers, Anna now walks and walks and walks just to hear her shoes squeak!

We got Anna a pair of these adorable white Mooshu Trainer sandals this weekend, and she has been wearing them out ever since:

It's a really cute concept with the slogan "Encouraging toddlers to walk, one squeak at a time". Not only do the shoes squeak when she walks so we always know where she is (and she's always amused), but the alligator clip bow can be removed and replaced with different colored clips to perfectly coordinate with any outfit.

Does it get any better than that?! Very cool. Check 'em out.

Summer Fun

It's been a really long time since I've journaled. Almost a month. So have I fallen off the face of the earth? No! Life just got in the way a bit. But that's what it's all about right? Life.

We've been doing quite a bit of living in the last month with our sweet Anna, and here's some proof:

Check out more like this one in the new "Summer Fun" album in Anna's shutterfly collection:

This collection is password-protected with the case-sensitive password: angel.

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