Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Pronunciation: \ˈbȯ-sē, ˈbä-\

: inclined to domineer : dictatorial

I'm pretty sure it's a universal toddler thing to some degree, but Anna tends to be a little controlling from time to time. I will admit to, on occasion, after succumbing to her every command and whim, giving Derek sideways glances and muttering, "she's bossy," not thinking that the "she" I was speaking of was paying any attention.

Maw Maw has always made comments, even from the time that Anna was very young, about how intently Anna listens when Derek and I are talking about her. And I recently got full confirmation that she most definitely is listening. She's *always* listening. And soaking it all up like a little sponge.

I was sweeping the living room and Anna was following me around with the swiffer "helping" me. [Note: The word "helping" is in quotes because I use that term very loosely - but cutely, too.] It was time to put our sticks away, so I told Anna she needed to put the swiffer back in the laundry room. She plainly replied, "Mommy, you bossy!"

My mouth fell open, and I was actually kind of wondering where she would get the idea to say such a thing to me. Then of course Derek was *more* than happy to remind me. I'm thinking we're going to need to start talking less and spelling more!

If she starts calling me "B-O-S-S-Y!" then we have a serious problem!

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  1. Haha, sorry I missed that! Precious!

    Oh, and if you need to hire a translator, I'm available. :P


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