Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love Letter #1

All parents love their children. That goes without saying. But there are lots of different reasons why and lots of different ways we show it. That's why I've started the "Love Letters" series.

So, here's the first...

Dear Anna -

Sometimes, after you've fallen asleep and are off in dreamland, I still feel like I haven't gotten enough of you for the day. So instead of tucking you into your crib right away, I'll hold you for hours while you sleep and watch the rhythmic rising and falling of your little chest. I'll breathe your sweet little smells, kiss your cheeks, and run my fingers through your soft hair. And I'm in heaven because there is no place else I would rather be than right there in that moment - holding you. My sweet Anna.

Love Always, Mommy

Friday, May 2, 2008


Anna is very good at imitating actions or sounds, but last week for the first time, she said the name of something that we didn't say first.

Derek was holding Anna in the kitchen with his back to the window one afternoon, and Anna was looking over his shoulder. She started excitedly kicking her feet and pointing out the window, and then very clearly said the word "bird". Derek was thinking he had to have misheard her, but he turned around anyway, and sure enough! There was a black bird on the lawn right outside the kitchen window!

I wonder what she'll say next!

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