Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ma Petite Artiste

Anna came home from school today begging to paint. Maybe it was less like begging and more like incessant whining, but either way - same message. She wanted to paint. Real bad. And Mommy had a sinus headache. (Whining + Headache = BAD). So I put her in her Sarah Janes art apron and got her all set up with her water colors while I cooked dinner.

It started off pretty tame, like this. . .

Not too shabby. Last time I checked, that was pretty much the way that water colors were intended to be used.

But then she decided she'd rather fingerpaint, which was messier, but fine too. . .

Then I guess she figured that if having her finger full of paint was so much fun, her whole hand would be a BLAST. . .

And yeah, it pretty much was. I love your ideas (and your art), my sweet angel!

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