Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Did She Say?

We've all been there. Some kid is talking mile a minute, and all you can do is look at their parents helplessly, praying that they can translate. I may never speak another language in my life, but I do speak "Anna". lol.

Here are some new ones to add to the Anna-English Dictionary:
  1. I Git-chu! - "I'm gonna get you!" Most frequently heard with hands cocked and ready in the tickle position.
  2. Oppy Oppy Oppy - "Open this now!" And no, the fact that an object is not capable of being opened does not save it from this request.
  3. Ply-eee - "I would like to play tea party"
  4. Jews - "Any kind of drink" Milk, Juice, Water, Capri Sun. Even Daddy's beer on occasion. You name it, she calls it "jews".
  5. Lellow - "Crayons" Which I guess isn't way off since yellow is a color, and crayons are sometimes called "colors".
  6. Peas - "Please" Typically accompanied by her version of the sign for please as well.
  7. Tain-Chu - "Thank You" Cute when prompted, but heart-melting when spontaneous.
  8. Owwww - "You're doing something I don't like" Not to be confused with "You're hurting me". No pain needs to be involved to elicit an "Owwwww". Things that frequently get this response are diaper changes, hair brushing, and leaving a playground.
  9. Pusssch - "Push" Usually referring to the doorbell as we're coming or going.
  10. Ah-Sai - "Outside" Bring me there. Now. Preferably with some bubbles.

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