Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daycare Terror

Anna has been bitten several times, not only at one, but at both daycares she has been to in all of her almost 19 months. Every time she has gotten bitten, I hated that she had to endure it, but I was at the same time so thankful that she at least wasn't the one doing the biting.

Today, when I picked Anna up from daycare, I discovered that Anna apparently decided that it's much more fun biting than being bitten. And it was over a chair. The chair they sit in to color. Because apparently it's a good idea to only let two toddlers color at a time while the others play elsewhere. Then when the ousted toddler comes back to find someone else in THEIR chair (because let's face it - everything is MINE!), chaos ensues. Good plan.

So much for being thankful. My child is now the "biter" in the class. At least she didn't break the skin! Here's hoping that Mommy doesn't have to sign any more incident reports...

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