Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Wheels are Turning. . .

Normally, when I pick Anna up from daycare, she's smiling. And happy. And playing. And she runs up to the door to greet me. And as we leave, we pass the infant room and say bye-bye to the babies. Every day.

Yesterday afternoon, when I picked Anna up from daycare, that was not so much the case. She was crying. And whiny. And unhappy. And she continued to cry as I came to the door and kept saying "assy, assy, assy" over and over again. (Mom translation: "Paci" or Pacifier). Anna doesn't use a pacifier at daycare. All day long. Not even for a nap. So they had no idea what "assy" even meant.

So I proceed by explaining to her that I didn't have a pacifier and that we "gave them to the babies". I thought that reasoning with her might help the situation as it has before, but instead she broke out into a wail. So I did what any mother would do...I held her tight and high-tailed it out of the room.

And as we passed the infant room - instead of waving bye-bye to the babies, like we do every day - Anna points at the babies and says, "assy, assy, assy" as if to tell me she wanted me to get her pacifier back from the babies.

Oh yeah...the wheels are turning. Mommy's going to have to get smarter!

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