Thursday, May 28, 2009


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\pə-ˈze-shən \

: the act of having or taking into control
: control or occupancy of property without regard to ownership

I think that most toddlers go through the stage where everything is "mine". MY Mommy. MY Daddy. MY milk. MY toy. MY colors. MY crackers. Mine, mine, mine. Anna definitely has had a little streak of that lately, and we've been doing our best to instill in her the value of sharing and how it's just not nice to be screaming "mine" all the time.

Well, we recently decided to extend our landscaping in our backyard and have created some new beds over by Anna's playset. Of course, big piles of dirt aren't enough to make beds pretty, so last night, we made a trip to Houston Lawn and Garden. Anna drug MawMaw around in the sweltering heat, forcing her to walk down EVERY aisle and smell EVERY flower she passed, while Derek and I piled up our cart with our 50% off loot. And when all was said and done, between our stuff and MawMaw's stuff, we had two big flats full of plants at the checkout.

The checkout line was pretty long, so it was at this point that I left Anna with Derek and went to help MawMaw with some final selections. All was fine for a while, then I caught Derek out of the corner of my eye waving like a maniac and motioning for me to hurry over. So I did. And apparently, the checkout lady had come over to start counting our plants to ring us up. To do so, she had to actually TOUCH the plants, and our sweet and polite (hehe) little munchkin didn't like that so much. She started swatting at the lady's hand and yelling, "No! MY Mommy's!" over and over again.

Totally hilarious in retrospect. Totally horrifying at the time. Totally something that we'll be working on. A lot and soon!


  1. My favorite is MY sticks (for fish sticks, but the "st" comes out "d"). Makes me laugh every time--had to explain to day care why he was saying that word. Got to love our mine-o-saurs!! That's become a popular book in our house recently... but it is only helpful if you can get through its entirety or the kiddo will miss the point of the story, which may cause more harm than good!!

  2. That's hilarious Allison! I miss you so much! Are you starting a blog for Dylan?! I saw that you at least thought about it. You should...I really think he'd get a kick out of stories like that when he's older ;)

  3. Just stopped in to say Thank you for letting us work on your little ones pic. It was fun!!

  4. I started a real blog... shutterfly has just been too time-consuming. Hopefully, I'll post regularly with a "real blog," but there's no guarantee!! Miss you, too!!

  5. i just LOVE the picture of your baby that is on I heart faces today. She is SO adorable! Oh my goodness! This is a very funny story : )


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