Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I don't know how often you're *supposed* to get a new couch, but let's just say that I was quite attached to our old one. I bought it for my first real apartment when I was right out of college, very shortly after I moved to Houston. (We won't discuss how long ago that was.) It was a sectional - affectionately dubbed the "L-Bed" by our dear friends Michele & Matt - and man, was it comfortable. You could just sink into it and lose yourself for days. Okay, maybe not days...but it felt like it sometimes.

Anyway, the point is the that L-Bed was not very kid-friendly. It was a light khaki twill material that is probably the most unforgiving material on the face of the earth next to silk or satin. You couldn't even get away with getting a little water or condensation on it because there would be a watermark to constantly remind you of your wrongdoing. So by the time Anna came along, we knew that the L-Bed's days were limited.

We FINALLY got around to buying a new couch over Mother's Day weekend, and it's definitely growing on me. It's brown chenille with beautiful throw pillows and it's stain-treated. But even more importantly, it's monkey-approved. . .

Approved for giggles.

Approved for smiles.

Approved for hide-and-seek.

And that's pretty much all the approval this mommy needs.

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