Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Grand Inquisition

Anna has been asking for a "baby sister" - a lot, and for quite some time now - so we've had lots of conversations about it. At one point, I think she even gave up on me and decided she wanted to have the baby herself, so I had to explain that she has to wait until she gets big and gets married like Mommy before she can have a baby.

Well, like most things do when you have an inquisitive toddler, that came back to bite me this morning. We were on our way to her school, and this is the little voice I hear from the back seat:

Anna: "Mommy, are you still married?"

Me: "Yes, Mommy & Daddy are still married."

At this point, I was very unsure of where this was going, and wondering if maybe she had overheard anyone recently talking about the concept of divorce.

Anna: "Then I want a baby sister!"

Of course! I'm married, hence I should have a baby. Preferably a girl one.

Me: "Well, Mommy and Daddy plan to have another baby one day, but even if we do, we don't get to decide if it's a sister or a brother."

Anna: "Why?"

Me: "Because God gets to decide."

Anna: "Why?"

Me: "Because God makes the baby, and puts it in Mommy's belly."

Anna: "How does He make a baby?"

I didn't know what to say, but I was pretty sure that she wanted to know how He does it so she can use the same technique to make her own, pronto!

Me: "God makes everybody. He made you, and He made Mommy too."

Anna: (Not letting up) "How?"

And then we walked into the school lobby, and I was saved from the grand inquisition. For now.

Ever feel like every answer you give leads to 10 more questions that you don't have the answer to?! And I know her questions are only going to get harder. . .

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  1. So on top of everyone else asking when you are going to have another baby, you now have Anna asking too ;) ??? Too funny! No pressure ;)


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