Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sofa in the Woods

A couple of weeks ago, we did a "Sofa in the Woods" session with Mackenzie Wheatley of Chubbyfoot Photography in Kingwood, TX. I just got my proof CD late this week, so I'm very excited to share a few of my favorites with you!

Disclaimer: I have a full copyright release for these pictures, so I did so some of my own editing in Photoshop. If you do not like the editing, please do not hold it against Mackenzie - she knows not what I do.

Anna was in a great mood, and Mackenzie did an excellent job of keeping her engaged and smiling. Even for a generally happy kid like Anna, it looked exhausting! There was a dog puppet that kept "falling" off of Mackenzie's head that I think got really genuine smiles from all of us.
I really love this one of the three of us for some reason. It's probably my favorite of the day.

I like this one because it features Anna as the little show-stealer that she is, and has Derek and I in the back seat (which is where we usually are where she is concerned anyway!).

And who doesn't love some sweet little Daddy-Daughter time?

Of course, I couldn't resist a big squeeze with my little bug. I'm all about equal opportunity cuddling, okay?

Those first two outfits were Matilda Jane. Anna had no problem putting either of them on; however, a total meltdown ensued (cars were actually slowing down to ask if everything was okay because they thought someone was injured!) when she was asked to take that last one off. My theory is that perhaps we were a little too enthusiastic in telling her how cute she looked in it. Live and learn, right?

Alas, she finally recovered and flashed us a few smiles in this last outfit. . .

I'd be smiling too if Mini Boden made that red cord jacket in my size!

I would love to share more, but as of right now, I'm planning to use pictures from this session on our Christmas card this year so I want to save a few surprises.

More pictures. . .coming to a mailbox near you in December!


    Let me know when you order the prints!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! They turned out great and how special to capture such sweet moments with your family!


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