Monday, November 23, 2009


Derek went fishing on Sunday, so Anna & I met my friend Ashley, her husband Paul, and their gorgeous little boy Charles to try to get some pictures of him in his oh-so-cute Kelly's Kids corduroy blazer. And I have to say...he definitely was oh-so-cute!

It was really fun for me because we took Anna to this same location for pictures this time last year. I can remember being really frustrated because Anna wouldn't stay still, wouldn't look at the camera, wouldn't do anything at all that I wanted her to do. And all I wanted was a nice picture of her smiling in her pretty dress.

But I never did get that shot that I had envisioned in my brain, and in retrospect, I'm glad I didn't. Because what I did get was even more valuable - pictures of Anna being Anna. Exactly who she was at that moment. Completely priceless memories.

And being in that same place a year later with Charles, I was armed with the knowledge that my experience had given me.

So maybe he didn't sit still. Maybe he didn't indulge us our every request. Maybe he chose to flash his biggest smiles at me when I didn't have my camera in his face. Maybe he was way faster than I could possibly move.

But I know that what I captured is purely Charles being wonderful Charles.

Exactly who he is right now: A sweet little energetic thing, with sparkling blue eyes and a contagious smile. Who looks at the world with such wonder and excitement, and tries to take it all in at once. Who blows a seriously mean air-kiss and who just loves my Anna to pieces.

Ashley and Paul, I hope the workout was worth it. . .

It certainly was for me.

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