Friday, July 25, 2008

Viva La (New) Mexico!

This past weekend, we took a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, with our friends Ross & Nicole to baptize our beautiful new Goddaughter, Olivia. Olivia was a superstar during the christening. She slept for most of it, and she didn't even make a peep when the priest poured the water on her head.

Ross, Nicole & Olivia

This trip was Anna's first time on an airplane, and she did pretty well during the flight to Albuquerque. She was quite active, as most toddlers are, but we were able to keep her quiet and busy with Elmo DVD's, snacks, and sticker & coloring books. The return flight didn't go quite so smoothly; it ended in Anna throwing up on me. But why ruin a nice story with the details, right? ;) So, moving on...

We stayed with Ross' sister Marjorie and her husband Sam in Placitas, right outside of Albuquerque. This was the view of the mountains from their house - can't complain much about that!

Placitas, NM

Here's a pic of Anna after her bath our first night in Placitas. She had a lot of fun playing with all of the rocks in her jammies and crocs.

We did a lot of running around visiting with Ross & Nicole's families, and we even got to make a trip to Seboyeta, where Nicole grew up. There's not much in Seboyeta except dirt, horses, beautiful scenery, and some really great people - Anna had a blast with all of them!

Here we are with Domingo. Anna thought he was pretty cool from far away but was scared of him up close, so we couldn't get the picture we wanted of her sitting on the saddle.

Domingo, Mommy, Daddy & Anna

And here's Anna with Gabby, Ross & Nicole's niece. She's almost 3, and she and Anna are the same size, so it was funny watching them together. Anna loved holding Gabby's hand, and chased her around all weekend wanting to mimic her every move. Thanks Gabby for being such a good sport!

Anna & Gabby in Seboyeta

Notice that they're holding hands even while Anna is going for a ride!

And one last picture from Seboyeta, just because I can't help but feel the whole "Where's Waldo?" vibe when I look at it...

Can you find Derek on the mountain?

Thanks again to Ross & Nicole for giving us the honor of being Olivia's Godparents and for treating us like family while we were in Albuquerque! I know it was "interesting" traveling with two babies, but we all survived it!

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