Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Barnum & Bailey Bellobration

This past Sunday, we took Anna to her first circus with Maw Maw and Paw Paw! I LOVED the circus as a little girl, and I was super-excited to share it with Anna. Anna had a great time, but my mom says she *still* thinks that I'm the one who enjoyed it the most...and she's probably right. Barnum & Bailey is no Cirque Du Soleil, but there's still always something magical about the circus.

But enough about me. This journal is supposed to be about Anna, right?!

Anna seemed to like the elephants the most. She went nuts over them! (Get it? Nuts! Gee, I am so funny). She would light up when they would come out and start waving vigorously and saying "hey, hey, hi, hey". Then, she'd repeat the whole scene as they were leaving, but would say "bye, bye, bye" instead, of course. Anna even got to watch an elephant named Asia painting at the circus preshow. Yes, I said an elephant. Painting! I personally think Anna could have out-painted the elephant, but for some reason, people were amazed. (Totally kidding...kind of!)

Anna's favorite clowns - Mommy & MawMaw

Clownin' around with MawMaw

The animals seemed to hold Anna's attention the most - the elephants, horses, tigers, dogs. I think she'll enjoy the rest more when she's a little older and can understand the difficulty and danger a little better.

She started getting seriously tired about halfway through the second half of the show and had a total meltdown, after which she fell asleep. Hard. So hard that she slept through the blast of the human cannonballs! I guess you had to be there to understand just how loud they were - but trust me, she was reeeeeeeeeeallllllllly tired. It was a very pleasant end to a great first circus experience - the first of many!

Then we stuffed our face at Luby's. The end.

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