Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love Letter #4

Dear Anna -

It's been a while since I've written one of these letters, but that doesn't change the fact that my love for you grows every day - so much that sometimes I think my heart is going to burst.In the last few months, your speech has really exploded, and you're getting really good at communicating to us things that you want or need.

Here are some of your favorite things to tell us right now:

  • "I Play" - Let's play tea party!
  • "I Eat" - Feed me!
  • "I Potty" - I probably just wet or dirtied my diaper, but let's go sit on the potty anyway. Maybe I'll get to play with the toilet paper or flush. It's fun!
  • "I Slide" - Let's go outside to play on my new swingset and collect rocks.
  • "Puppy?" - I love Bailey and I want to see her. But don't let her touch me, or I'll freak out.
  • "Homey" - Hold me. Now. Or I'll keep saying it over and over until somebody picks me up!

And you're so smart already, with such a great little memory! I read to you every night before you go to sleep, and we read lots of different books. But no matter what, "Brown Bear" is always on the lineup. You say the words with me ("what do you SEE...looking at ME"), and you always know which animal is next, even before I turn the page. I ask you what sound each animal makes and you're always happy to oblige, which absolutely delights me.

You love to sing and dance. Sometimes, we'll be trying to wind down in the evening by watching Elmo with you while you drink your milk. A song will come on, and you'll look at us and say "dance? dance?" as if you're asking permission to get up. And boy do we love to watch you dance with your cute little bouncing, clapping, enormous grin and booty-shakes!You bring so much light and life into our lives every second that we spend with you; sometimes Daddy and I just lie in bed at night talking about new things you did that day and how much we love you. (It's A LOT!) It's definitely a nice last thought before closing our eyes at the end of the day!

Until next time, baby girl...

Love, Mommy

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