Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two Year Checkup

Here are Anna's stats from her 2 year checkup:
  • Weight: 30 pounds (75th percentile)

  • Height: 35 inches (75th percentile)

She graduated to the real scale for both height and weight, so no more laying down on the baby ones. She's now in the 75th percentile for both height and weight, so really starting to thin out and become more proportionate.

Dr. Leonardo asked lots of questions about things Anna is saying and doing, and it seems like we are right on track developmentally. Of course, Anna wouldn't do anything I said she could do in front of the doctor. Made me look like a big fat liar!

  • Me: "Sure, Anna can jump! Jump for Dr. Leonardo, Anna!"

  • Anna: [blank stare]

  • Me: "Sure, Anna knows how old she is! Anna, how old are you?"

  • Anna: [blank stare]

  • Me: "Sure, Anna loves suckers! Anna, tell Dr. Leonardo thank you for the sucker!"

  • Anna: [blank stare]

You get the point. Obviously this wasn't a shock for Dr. Leonardo as lots of kids aren't "performers", especially not at the doctor's office. But it was still kind of funny.

She got one shot - which she took fairly well - but the good news is that there should be no more vaccination shots until her 4 year checkup. She'll still have to endure the trauma of some blood work later this week to test for anemia, but that's nothing a Strawberry Shortcake bandaid can't fix :)

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