Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Princess Playdate

We got a real treat this past weekend. Our friends Nicole & Ross were busy getting their house ready for an open house, so we got to keep our goddaughter Olivia for the good part of the day on Saturday!

Anna was so excited about Olivia coming over to play, and they really played so well together. They spent a lot of time in Anna's playroom. Olivia was Princess Cinderella. . .
And Anna was Princess Ariel, hoarding all of her play jewelry in her purse so "baby" Olivia couldn't get them. . .

Olivia really had fun with Anna's play kitchen, putting everything and anything in the microwave and the oven, and it was a total trip watching her try to walk in those princess shoes. . .
After a while, we put on swimsuits and spent some time outside - swinging, sliding, and playing in the little pool and sprinkler. It's so hot here this time of year, you really can't be outside unless you're getting wet!

When we'd had all we could take of the sun, the girls got to take a bath together and eat a late lunch. Anna picked out some chicken nuggets that were in the shapes of dolphins and whales, and those were a big hit along with some watermelon. Then we made some rather colorful rice crispy treats, or as Anna says "Christmas treats!" (I guess that's what she thinks we're saying.)

After lunch, we went back into the playroom to watch a movie. They looked exhausted (or maybe that was me), so I made a little bed for them on the floor, but they did not stop playing until the second that Nicole knocked on the door to pick Olivia up.

Nicole and Ross, we're going to be so sad to see you go, but we're so glad that we got to spend this extra time with Olivia before you do! Thanks for sharing your little sweetie :)

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  1. Awwww....I want to have a playdate with Anna & Olivia....Olivia is still talking about playing with Anna!! :)


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