Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Swimmer

Last summer, I signed Anna up for a swimming class at the YMCA. We showed up for the first lesson, only to find that we were the only ones who signed up for that time and that the class was cancelled. (Thanks for the phone call, YMCA!)

So thanks to that little mess, Anna finally had her first swimming lesson today - a year later and NOT at the YMCA!

On the way into her lesson, we passed the big outdoor pool where the "big kids" on the swim team were practicing. She took one look at it and said, "I don't want that one!"

But she did so well during her private lesson with "Miss Gracie"! She was excited, and although she was a little hesitant, didn't cry at all when it was time to get into the water with only a complete stranger. Once she got in the water, she was all smiles. They practiced kicking, jumping in, floating on her back, and even putting her ears and face in the water (which has historically been a big problem, even in the bathtub).

Daddy and I really enjoyed watching her from behind the glass of the viewing area, and she just looked so proud of herself after each and every little task she conquered. It's so amazing to see her face her fears with a big smile on her face.

Miss Gracie had nothing but good things to say, so we can't wait to see how Anna progresses through the session. Hopefully, she'll be a lot more comfortable and a lot safer in the water by the end of this summer!

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