Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

We typically go to Louisiana for Mother's Day to celebrate with our moms, but because Anna had a special gymnastics performance this weekend, we found ourselves in unfamiliar territory - just the three of us here in Houston. We did a lot of running around on Saturday, so we decided to keep things very low key on Sunday.

Poor Derek got a really nasty stomach virus, so Anna & I celebrated Mother's Day as a true "girls" day. I decided it would be fitting to start our day by taking my early Mother's Day present (my awesome new lens!) out for some fun in a wildflower field I've had my eye on. . .

Anna really didn't care much about my camera, but she just loved being in all of those flowers!

When she picks them, she always just pulls the head of the flower off of the stem. I've tried to explain to her time and time again that she needs to pick them down lower - both because they'll be easier to hold and so that we can put them in water - but she likes her way better.

Then we spotted the dandelions! She thought they were so cool. . .

I showed her how to blow on them, but she couldn't seem to blow hard enough, so she usually would resort to pulling it apart with her hands.

After pictures, Anna and I ate lunch outside on the patio at Cafe Express (one of my favorite little casual places), then headed over to Barnes and Noble to browse the childrens books. We ran several errands while we were out, and she was such a sweet little angel. She even spontaneously said, "Mommy, I love you forever" while we were in the middle of Kirkland's, for no reason at all.

This Mother's Day, I'm just so grateful for the immense blessing that Anna is to me, and for the fact that I get to experience this wonderful journey of motherhood with her.

I'm grateful for my husband, who (even sick!) did a ton of laundry while Anna and I were out gallavanting. The lens is amazing, but clean laundry is an extremely close second to that in my eyes.

And I'm so very grateful for my mom, who I have always loved, admired and appreciated, but do even more so now that I am a mother myself.

Happy Mother's Day!

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