Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Anna was baptized on Saturday, May 26, 2007. She was very well-behaved even though she didn't sleep through the whole thing as Mommy anticipated. Here are a few pictures. . .

Sleeping peacefully in the church before her Baptism

At the Baptismal Font during the Pouring of the Water. Water washes away the Original Sin and allows the child to share in a new life.

After the Baptism, wearing the "white shawl" placed on her by Katie, her Godmother. It represents purity and being washed clean of all sin.

After the Baptism, with her Godparents
Godfather - Jeffrey, Derek's Brother
Godmother - Katie, Jennifer's Sister

I didn't get any pictures that really show off just Anna and her beautiful Baptismal gown, so I plan on getting some studio portraits done fairly soon (before she outgrows the dress!) However, I do have this great picture of the little crocheted Mary Jane's with the pearl closure that she wore on her feet. Every girl knows that just because you can't see the shoes doesn't mean they're any less important...it's all about the details! :)

One last thing to share -

There are two different oils used in the Baptism ritual:
  1. Oil of Catechumens -

    The oil of catechumens represents strength and preparation. The child is anointed on the chest to prepare it for the tough times that as a Christian, or in fact any human person, it will face.

  2. Oil of Chrism -

    Chrism is a perfumed oil that represents being chosen for a special task. The child is anointed on the head with this oil after the Pouring of the Water.
The Oil of Chrism has a very strong odor, and it made Anna's hair really greasy. I left it on her all day, but was kind of looking forward to bathing her that night and having her smell like "my baby" again. Wrong! Talk about staying power! After washing her hair once that night, twice Sunday morning, and again on Monday and Tuesday, the scent of the oil still lingers.

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